How To Turn On Roller Skates For Beginners? [Tips]

Turning on roller skates is a skill that will take some time to learn, and many people find it difficult at first. If you’re facing the same problem and searching for how to turn on roller skates, this is the right article for you.

This article will show you a few steps that can help you turn on roller skates a little better, even as a beginner. So let’s get started.

How To Turn On Roller Skates

How To Turn On Roller Skates

The key to turning on roller skates is to keep yourself in balance. The following steps will help you get started:

1. Make Yourself Balanced On Roller Skates

The most important thing is that matters in skating is your balance. If you have a good physic and a well-maintained body, you feel easy to skate and turn the board.

Therefore, if you intend to skate seriously, you should keep yourself physically fit to make skating easier.

Also, note that you must be standing on the roller skates with equal pressure on both legs while skating. This will make you more stable and allow you to turn more quickly.

2. Adjusting The Skates

It’s been seen several times that the rider puts his effort into turning correctly, yet the skate won’t turn correctly due to the problem in the skate.

Hence, make sure the heel of your foot is lined up properly with the back of the skates. You should also tighten the laces so that they are snug enough to keep your feet from sliding out but loose enough that you can freely move your toes.

3. Getting A Grip On The Floor

The next step is to get a grip on the floor with your skates. You will be pushed from your heels to your toes as the wheels grip the floor by turning the skates in opposite directions. Additionally, this will give you a good feel for the kind of control you have over the skates.

4. The Curb Method For Turning

The curb method of turning can be a bit difficult to do at first, so it may help if you have somebody nearby to hold on to as you practice. In order to accomplish this, simply skate forward as you normally would, but as soon as you reach the edge of a curb or ledge, perform an inside or outside edge.

5. The Rail Method

Another good way to turn is with a railing of some sort. Simply skate up to a railing and push off from it with one foot while skating around the other side of it. Remember, this will not work on every railing.

6. The Toe Pick Method

Learning to turn this way is probably the most challenging. In order to do this, skate forward and use your toe pick (the metal spike on the front of your skates) to dig into the ice. Then, sweep your hockey stick over your other foot and push off with it. This will cause you to turn.

In this article, we have only shown different methods of turning on roller skates by describing different approaches. It is meant as a guide for beginners who want to learn how to turn on roller skates. To actually learn turning on roller skates, practice it yourself following the given steps, and watch others while turning.

Tips To Turn Better On Roller Skates

It is common for beginners to make mistakes that cause them to be unable to turn correctly. Here’s what they do:

  1. As mentioned previously, make sure your skates are not too loose or tight so that your toes can move freely.
  2. Keep your weight evenly distributed between both feet when skating. By putting pressure on only one leg, the foot will naturally turn towards the left side and vice versa.
  3. As you are skating around the rink, keep your center of gravity low and stable. Maintain an upright posture to reduce drag when turning.
  4. To turn the skate, you must use your toes, not your ankles. Rotating your ankles too much while turning will slow you down.
  5. Never lean forward when you’re about to turn or stop. You’ll have better balance and control if you keep your body still and upright. If you want to learn how to stop roller skates check our latest article.
  6. Push off the ice with one foot to turn the skates while keeping your knees bent. Try not to lean too far forward.
  7. Always wear protective gear when skating, including helmets and kneepads. Since you are a beginner, the chances of falling while turning are higher.
  8. For better balance, bend your knees slightly and keep your body relaxed while skating.

How do you turn on a roller skate for beginners?

Before putting on your roller skates, it is important to ensure that they are properly adjusted for your feet. Once you have your skates on, you will need to tighten the laces, so they are snug against your feet. Once you have done this, you can start skating by pushing off with your foot.

How do you practice turns on roller skates?

To practice turns on roller skates, you will need to start by skating in a straight line. Once you are comfortable with this, you can start to turn by using your body weight to shift your weight from one foot to the other.

Why are my roller skates not turning?

If your roller skates are not turning, it is likely because they are not correctly adjusted for your feet. Make sure that the laces are snug against your feet and that you are using your body weight to shift your weight from one foot to the other.

Being a beginner you may also like checking out the difference between roller skates and rollerblades.


I hope you were able to learn how to turn on roller skates for beginners. Our goal was to make learning how to turn simpler by showing different methods.

To make turning easier on roller skates, you should test all the ways and stick with the one that suits your riding style.

Additional Questions

How do you turn on roller skates for beginners?

Turning on roller skates for beginners involves shifting your balance and slightly leaning into the direction you desire to move. The initial days of roller skating can be challenging, but with practice, the technique of turning gets easier. Initially, start turning by slightly shifting your weight to your toes or heels. As you get more used to this, you’ll find yourself naturally leaning into your turns. Make sure your knees are slightly bent and that you don’t lean too far in either direction to prevent falling. Always remember to start with slow and small turns and gradually increase the intensity as you gain confidence and improve balance.

How to do turn around in roller skates?

Executing a turn around in roller skates requires a bit of grace and finesse. It may feel awkward at first, but with enough practice, it becomes part of your muscle memory. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your knees slightly bent. Now, pick one foot and pivot it so that it’s facing the opposite direction. Then follow with the second foot. Remember to always keep your balance and avoid leaning too far forward or backward. Practicing this in a secure environment like a roller rink before taking it to the streets can be exceptionally beneficial for beginners.

How do you turn smoothly on skates?

Turning smoothly on skates is all about balance and body positioning. One of the most crucial steps to ensure a smooth turn is to keep your knees bent, creating a lower center of gravity, which will help maintain balance. Moreover, leaning gently into the turn and aligning your head and shoulders with your knees and toes in the direction of the turn will make the process smoother and more natural. Doing this requires a lot of practice and patience. Eventually, you will be able to maneuver turns smoothly without much thought.

How do you turn and stop on roller skates?

Turning and stopping on roller skates is a critical skill that every skater needs to master not only for their safety but also to maneuver efficiently. To stop, try using a method known as the “T-Stop.” You bend one knee and extend the other leg behind you, forming a ‘T’ with your skates. Gradually apply pressure on the back skate to slow down and eventually stop. As for turning, it involves shifting your weight and leaning into the direction you wish to move. Don’t forget, patience and repeated practice are crucial to master these techniques.

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