How To Take Care Of Your Roller Skates [Pro Tips]

If you want your roller skates to work correctly, you need to take good care of them.

In order to take good care of your skates, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Using these simple steps, you will be able to protect your skates while getting out the most of them.

There is nothing worse than having a pair of skating shoes that no longer work or get uncomfortable. The tips in this article will help you take care of your roller skates to ensure that they don’t get damaged before it’s time for a new pair.

Hence, by following the tips shared in this article, you can maintain your roller skates smooth and never need to search for how to care for roller skates.

Why To Maintain Roller Skates

Before you learn how to take care of roller skates, you should also be aware of the problems you may encounter if your skates are not appropriately maintained. The following are the most common problems with poorly maintained skates:

Don’t Fit Well

Roller skates

You can also have problems with your skating shoes if you don’t take care of your skate. Your skate’s size will also decrease over time. When riding in the rain, for example, your feet could slip inside the roller skate, and also the shoes get soaked.

Not Comfortable

Having roller skates that are not properly maintained can cause you to be uncomfortable while skating, resulting in ankle pain.

Learning To Skate Is Not Safe

It can be dangerous to learn to skate if your roller skates are not well maintained. Because the roller skates size decreases as time passes, your foot’s heel can become loose, which can cause you to fall.

Looks Bad

When you skate with low-maintenance roller skates, you will suffer from ankle discomfort and have to wear ugly skating shoes. This really doesn’t look good.

Wheels Do Not Spin Smoothly

If your roller skates are poorly maintained, it will cause the wheels to not spin smoothly, which might cause you to get hurt. When you ride on rough surfaces and keep your skates as they are after riding, you will experience this.


When you don’t take care of your roller skate, it will start rusting, making your roller skates look bad and affecting them for a longer period of time.

Cannot Adjust The Size

If you do not maintain your roller skates properly, you will not be able to change the size as per your need, which will cause you problems in riding.

Now you need to take care of your roller skates after every ride so that you can enjoy skating without experiencing all these problems.

How To Take care of Your Roller Skates

How to take care of your roller skates

In order to take care of your roller skates, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. By simply following these simple steps, you will be able to protect your skates and get the most out of them.

If you feel the shoes are not working as effectively as they were previously, you don’t need to go to the store and buy a new pair each time. They may just need maintenance, such as cleaning and tightening. Now let’s talk about everything to consider for the long life of your roller skates.

Cleaning Roller Skates

When it comes to roller skates, cleanliness is very important. Every time you use them, you should wipe out all the dust completely and clean them regularly. Use a sponge or any rag to wipe off the dirt from skates and let them sit overnight with a layer of soap on them. You can use a soft brush to remove dirt from the wheels and then wipe them with a dry cloth.

Ensure that all parts of the skates are cleaned, including the wheels, bearings, trucks, laces, and bolts. Additionally, rinse them with water to make sure there is no soap left on them, then let them dry for some time.

Tightness of the Roller Skates Each Part

To make roller skates safer for skating, you should tighten them with your foot inside them before use. It’s vital because the skate shouldn’t slip while you are rolling or have stopped.

It is possible to adjust the length using the skate laces after tightening them with your hand. The wheels, bearings, and trucks should be checked whenever you find the skates are not performing right, such as when turning and coming to a stop. They should be tightened enough in such cases if they are not. If you’re a beginner and want to learn turning you can also read our guide on how to turn on roller skates.

You should check the bolts and nuts within your roller skates regularly to avoid getting loose. If you find that they are getting loose, you need to tighten them before skating further.

You can use a wrench to tighten the nuts and bolts appropriately. Additionally, check for any cracks on the parts that bother you while skating and replace them if necessary.

Dry Skates After Ride

It is essential to dry your roller skates as soon as possible after riding in the rain or skating in a damp area. In order to do so, take the laces out and place the roller skates upside down on a dry surface. This will help in maintaining the moisture from soaking inside your skating shoes.

Toe Stops

If the toe stops on your shoes are worn out, you should replace them immediately. For those who do not want the hassle of having to replace them immediately, you can purchase a new pair of toe stops with the skate. Maintaining toe stops is like nothing; if they become degraded, just replace them. Also, check the toe stop kit regularly to ensure they are holding up well together.


How do you maintain roller skates?

You should keep them the same way as you would a shoe or boot – wipe them off after each use, dry them out, and don’t leave them in a place where they will get wet or damp. Make sure that any cracks along the edges are removed with a file before they cause a problem.

What can I use to clean my roller skates?

Cleaning roller skates do not require any special supplies. Just a rag and some mild dishwashing liquid work fine for me. You can also use pumice and a waterless hand cleaner if you want.

Is it okay to roller skate everyday?

It’s totally up to you. You can skate every day if you want or once a week – really, it’s just a matter of preference. Be aware that roller skating is hard on your body and can be taxing on your muscles. Your legs, hips, and feet will probably get tired, so be sure to take breaks as well.


These were some tips for your query on how to take care of your roller skates. These can help you maintain your roller skates to get the maximum out of them. Additionally, by doing so, you can avoid any type of injury while skating. Additionally, your roller skates will last longer and perform better.

Why not maintain roller skates rather than replace them frequently? Get started now. Have fun!

Additional Questions

How do you maintain roller skates?

Roller skates maintenance is all about regular checks and cleanings. You need to ensure that everything is in good shape, tightening loose parts and replacing elements that are worn out. Keeping your skates tidy goes a long way in preventing unnecessary damage. It’s best to do this after every skating session or at least once a week, depending on your skating frequency.

How do you roller skate like a professional?

To roller skate like a pro, you need to learn the basics first. This includes knowing how to balance right, stop, start, turn, and navigate obstacles. Get a good instructor or try online tutorials to help you with that. With time and consistent practice, everything falls into place. As you progress, learn advanced techniques and get yourself good quality skates because your gear matters a lot.

How often should you oil roller skate bearings?

Under normal conditions with regular use, you should clean your bearings once every two or three months. However, if you often skate indoors and the place is quite dusty, you may need to clean them a little more often, say once a month. **Remember, every time you’re ready to oil your bearings, it’s a great time to rotate your wheels.**

How do you keep skates fresh?

**Immediately after use, wipe off the blade with a dry piece of cloth or an old T-shirt to prevent rust.** Then, remove the sole from the ice skate and dry it separately. Your skates should always dry at room temperature. This way, your skates will always have that fresh feel whenever you put them on.

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