Best Roller Skates For Narrow Feet

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, finding the right pair of roller skates is essential. The wrong skates can cause blisters and discomfort and make skating difficult.

If you have narrow feet, finding a pair of skates that offer a snug fit is important. If you choose skates that are too big, you’ll have a hard time controlling them. On the other hand, skates that are too small will be uncomfortable and can cause foot pain.

We’ve put together a list of our top picks to help you find the best roller skates for narrow feet. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right size, style, and type of skate for your needs.

Let’s make your research easy with our already compiled and well researched list of the best skates for narrow feet that you can find in the market today.

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Best Roller Skates For Narrow Feet

Best Roller Skates For Narrow Feet

Before we get into our top picks, let’s go over some important factors (buying guide) to keep in mind when choosing roller skates for narrow feet.


Choosing a pair of skates that offer a snug, comfortable fit is important. If the skates are too big, they’ll be difficult to control. If they’re too small, they can cause foot pain and discomfort.

So along with narrow skates, you also need to consider your foot’s length and choose the right size skates. The same applies to wide feet. Even if you get the best roller skates for wide feet, if they don’t fit the length of your feet, you won’t be able to enjoy the skating experience.

However, identifying the size is easy as you’ll get the option to choose while making a purchase, and also, the skates are adjustable for a few sizes. But to identify whether the skates are narrow or wider, you need to wear them and feel the tightness. When choosing online, it’s not an option. Hence we’ve already tested several skates for you and compiled a list of the best roller skates for narrow feet. Hence no need to worry about this.


It’s important to choose a pair of skates that are made from high-quality materials. Cheap, poorly made skates can fall apart easily and are more likely to cause injuries.

Look for skates that are made from durable materials like leather or PVC. Avoid skates made from plastic or nylon, as they’re more likely to break down over time and are made for beginners and kids.


There are two main styles of roller skates: Roller skates (Quad Skates) and Inline Skates.

Quad skates have four wheels in a rectangular formation, while inline skates have three or four wheels in a single line.

Inline skates are faster and easier to control, but they can be more difficult to balance if you’re a beginner. Quad skates are slower but offer more stability, making them a good choice for beginners and intermediates.

Additional Tip: Use Insole

If you choose the skates but still need to get a proper fit in size or width, you can always use insoles to make the skates snugger for your feet. This will help if you have narrow feet and wide skates. Click here to get the best insole for skates.

Before choosing roller skates for narrow feet, you should consider these four primary factors. Let’s now look at our top picks to make your selection easy.

1. Beuway Men And Women Roller Skates

Roller skates for narrow feet

This is one of the best narrow skates for both men and women. The best part is this skate is available in different sizes and is suitable for narrow feet.

Also, note that when you look at the skates on Amazon, it shows it’s for women, but that’s not the case. Both men and women can use these Beuway roller skates. The company just markets it as a female product, but we use it on both men and women, and it looks good and is suitable for both.

When choosing a size, always go for a size smaller than your shoe size, as these skates are true to size and also have little adjustable wiggle room. Hence it’s better to get a size smaller and be comfortable than to get your actual size and be uncomfortable.

These skates are available in US size 7 to US size 13, so you can choose from a decent size range. The 7 size skates are 24cm/9.44″ and 13 sizes are 29.5/11.61″ long. Hence there’s a good size difference between the two, and you can choose according to your foot length. For more understanding of this, you can refer to the below image.

Roller skate size chart

Coming to quality, these skates are made from high-quality PVC and have PU leather boots. This makes the skates very durable and can withstand heavy use. The boot is also designed to be comfortable and support your feet and ankles.

From the inside also, the fabric used is very good quality, makes it comfortable to wear, and allows breathing means no sweaty feet. Overall the build quality is very good, and you’ll be happy with the purchase.

These skates have four PU wheels of 70mmx51mm in size and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The wheels are also replaceable, so if you wear them out, you can always replace them. Additionally, the brand offers both lighting and non-lighting wheels, so choose as per your preference.

The bearings used in these skates are ABEC-7 and offer a smooth ride. Overall the ride quality is very good, and you can enjoy skating with these on.


Overall these are one of the best narrow roller skates in the market and offer good value for money. They’re very comfortable, have a good build quality, and also offer a smooth ride. Note that they’re true to size, so choose one size smaller than your shoe size.

  • Narrow and Comfortable
  • Good build quality
  • Smooth ride
  • True to size
  • Toe stop for safety
  • Affordable
  • Not suited for wider feet

2. Chicago Skates Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate

chicago skates

The second skates we found suitable for narrow feet are the Chicago Skates Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate. Again like the Beuway skate, this one is also available in different sizes and is suitable for narrow feet.

The skates are available in US size 1 (8.46″) to US size 12 (11.85), so you have a good size range to choose from, both for kids and adults.

Further, the skates have both straps and laces for a secure and comfortable fit.

Coming to quality, the sole of the skate is made of vinyl which is a good quality material. The boot is padded for extra comfort and has a speed lace system to make it easy to put on and take off.

The wheels used in these skates are 62mm X 40mm urethane speed formula with bearings of ABEC 1 precision. I know ABEC 1 bearings could be better, but they still offer a good speed and roll, which we found perfect for beginner and indoor skating.

This skate also has a toe stop for extra safety while skating.

Lastly, the skates are very comfortable and offer good value for money, making them our second pick for best roller skates for narrow feet.


Overall, there is a good quality skate for beginners with good comfort, stability, and control. The skates offer good value for money and are perfect for indoor skating.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Good quality vinyl sole
  • Padded boot for extra comfort
  • Toe stop for safety
  • Good value for money
  • ABEC 1 bearings are not the best quality but still offer a good speed
  • No color options available

3. FoxySkate Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates For Narrow Feet

If you’re looking for a pair of roller skates that will give you a great workout while also providing a fun and stylish ride, look no further than the FoxySkate Roller Skates. These roller skates are perfect for those with narrow feet, as they offer a snug and comfortable fit.

These skates are available in sizes 7 to 10 and come in black, white, golden, green, and more. They feature a high-top boot design for support and stability and padded ankle support. The FoxySkate Roller Skates also have an adjustable lacing system that allows you to get a perfect fit.

These skates are made of leather and PVC and have a PU wheel. These sole material is durable and can provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

The wheels used in these skates are 58mm in size and are made of polyurethane. This material is known for being both durable and shock absorbent, making it ideal for roller skating.

Also, it includes ABEC 5 Bearings that will give you a smooth and fast ride. While testing, we found the wheels are very smooth and stable.

Lastly, the best part of these skates is if you choose the golden color, you’ll get a golden toe stop which will add more fun to your skating experience. Similarly, in black color, you’ll get a black toe stop.


Overall the Froxyskate Roller Skates are great for those with narrow feet. They offer a snug and comfortable fit and a stylish design. These skates are also made of durable materials and feature shock absorbent wheels.

  • Perfect for those with narrow feet
  • High-top boot design for support and stability
  • Padded ankle support
  • Adjustable lacing system
  • Made of leather and PVC
  • PU wheels for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Color options available
  • Little on the expensive side

4. Impala Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates For Narrow Feet

If you have been into skating, you must have heard about Impala Roller skates. They are one of the most popular brands when it comes to skating. The company has been around for quite some time and has gained a lot of popularity among skating enthusiasts. We’ve also made a complete impala roller skates review.

The only thing for listing it on spot four is that Impala has few options for narrow feet roller skates. There are the only options available, and that’s also quite expensive. But if you’re looking for a high quality product, this is the way to go.

These skates are available in all sizes 1 to 14, making it easy for you to find one that fits you perfectly. Also, they are available in different colors, including golden, black, aqua, leopard, pink, yellow, and much more.

The sole of these skates is made of high quality PVC, which makes it extremely durable. The boots are made of PU leather, making them very comfortable to wear.

The trucks used on these skates are also of high quality and are made of aluminum. This makes them extremely durable as well.

The wheels used are made of polyurethane. The durometer of the wheels is 58mm, and the hardness of the wheels is 82A, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor skating.

The bearings used are made of ABEC 7 bearings. This makes them extremely fast and smooth.


Theis is one of the top roller skates for narrow feet that you can find in the market. They are extremely comfortable to wear and are very durable as well. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor skating. If you can afford it, we highly recommend you go for it.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in different colors
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor skating
  • Very durable
  • A bit expensive

5. Reewind Men’s Roller Skate

Best Roller Skates For Narrow Feet

The last skate on our list is the Reewind Men’s Roller Skate. This skate is a great choice for those who have narrow feet, as it has a snug fit. It is also a good choice for those who are looking for a durable skate, as it is made from high-quality materials.

This skate is available in different size options from 3 to 12. Also, it’s available in five different colors, so you can choose the one that fits your style best.

Also note that these skates are high top roller skates, so they will offer you good ankle support. The upper of the skate is made from durable leather, while the sole is made from high-quality rubber.

The wheels used in this skate are 56mm wide and have a hardness of 78A. The bearings used in this skate are ABEC 5 bearings, which offer you good speed.

If you are looking for a good quality, durable and stylish roller skate, then the Reewind Men’s Roller Skate is a great option for you.


Overall, the Reewind Men’s Roller Skate is also a great choice for those who are looking for a quality, durable and stylish skate. It is available in different sizes and colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • The wheels may not be suitable for all surfaces
  • Only for beginners

If you like traveling with your skates, you must also have a skate bag. It will help you keep the skates in the bag and carry them without any hassle. For the best roller skate bag, you can watch our recommended article.

Benefits of Roller Skates for Narrow Feet

Roller skates are a great way to stay active and have fun.

For those with narrow feet, roller skates can provide a more comfortable and secure fit.

Specialized narrow-fitting roller skates offer better foot support, balance, and performance.

Narrow-fitting skates also help reduce the risk of blisters, providing a snug fit that won’t cause any rubbing or irritation.

Types Of Roller Skates Available For Narrow Feet

When it comes to roller skates, there are different types of roller skates available for narrow feet.

Traditional quad roller skates are a great option for narrow feet, providing superior support and stability. Inline skates are also a good option, as they feature narrower frames and wheels that better accommodate narrow feet.

How To Measure Skate Size For Narrow Feet

When selecting roller skates, it’s important to take the time to measure your feet accurately, especially when you have narrow feet.

For narrow feet, you’ve to measure size both from toe to heel and around the ball of your foot. This will help you find a pair of skates that give you the best fit and support for your feet.

How To Ride Roller Skates With Narrow Feet?

Riding roller skates with narrow feet can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! You can learn to navigate the rink or outdoors confidently and easily with the right tips and tricks.

The first step is to make sure you are wearing the correct size roller skates. If your skates are too big, your feet will slide around in them, making it difficult to maintain balance. If they’re too small, you may experience discomfort and pain. To ensure the perfect fit, measure your foot before purchasing a pair of skates.

You should look for the right size in length and narrow toe box. Skates come in different widths, so make sure you pick a pair that is the right size for your feet. All the above shared roller skates are perfect for narrow feet.

Once you have the right size skates, you must adjust them properly. Adjust the tightness of your skates by loosening or tightening the laces, buckles, and power straps. Ensure they are tight enough to prevent your feet from sliding around but not too tight to the point of discomfort.

Add insole padding for extra cushioning and arch support. If you have narrow feet, you may need to add additional insole padding to your skates for a better fit.

Finally, practice your skating skills on a flat surface before venturing out onto the rink or street. This will help you gain confidence and build up your skills.

Riding roller skates with narrow feet doesn’t have to be an intimidating or painful experience. You can confidently enjoy the thrill of skating with the right tips and tricks! You’ll be rolling around in no time.


Q. Is it better to have tighter or looser skates?

Answer: Tighter skates are generally better, as they offer more control. However, if your skates are too tight, they can be uncomfortable and may cause pain in your feet. So it is important to find a balance between tight and loose skates by testing.

Q. What are the easiest roller skates to learn on?

Answer: The easiest roller skates to learn are the ones that offer good ankle support and have a comfortable fit. Choose skates with softer wheels, as they are easier to control.

Q. What size roller skates should I buy?

Answer: When choosing the size of your roller skates, you should first measure your feet. Once you have your foot measurements, you can consult the skate size chart you are interested in to find the best size. The alternate option is to choose skates according to your age. Some brands clearly mention the age group for which their skates are meant.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, all the skates that we have mentioned in this article are the best roller skates for narrow feet. We’ve done all the research and tested all the skates ourselves, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.

We hope this article has helped you choose the best roller skate. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Additional Questions

How do you roller skate without lifting your feet?

Roller skating without lifting your feet can be achieved through a process known as gliding. This method involves shifting your weight from one foot to the other, creating momentum without the need to lift your feet off the ground. Gliding is a great way to maintain a consistent pace while roller skating and works in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Are roller skates better tight or loose?

Roller skates should ideally have a snug fit, ensuring your foot is securely held in place within the skate. The right fit allows you to have control of the skate and promotes better balance. You should also be able to slightly extend and wiggle your toe in the boot, barely touching the front end. It’s a balance between being too loose, which can cause instability, and too tight, which could cause discomfort.

How should roller skates fit on toe?

When it comes to fitting roller skates, the toe area is particularly important. The fit must allow you to stretch and wiggle your toes slightly, just enough to barely touch the end of the boot. This ensures that you have enough room for foot swelling that may happen due to prolonged periods of skating, and also facilitates effective control while skating as well.

How do you measure your feet for roller skates?

You should measure your foot in centimeters or inches, starting from the tip of your longest toe to the end of your heel. The measurement will help you to correlate your size to the specific brand’s size chart. Take note, though, different brands may have different sizing charts for the same foot measurement. Hence, always compare your measurements with the particular brand’s size guide you are intending to buy the roller skates from. Trying on the roller skates before buying is always the best way to find your perfect fit.

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