Best Roller Skates For 2 Year Old: 2023 Review

Do you have a 2 year old who loves to skate or just want to introduce them to skates? If so, you’re probably looking for the best roller skates for them.

In this article, we’ve recommended 5 of the best roller skates for 2 year old with the buyer’s guide to help you make the right purchase. Additionally, we have included a complete guide on selecting the right roller skates for your toddler and making a well-informed decision.

In other words, if you’re looking for skates for 2 year old, this article will save you time and help you choose the right pair. So let us proceed.

Best Roller Skates For 2 Year Old

ImageNameRatingCost $
Best Roller Skates For 2 Year Old: 2023 ReviewRuncinds Toddler Roller Skates for Girls And Boys5/5 Check On Amazon
Best Roller Skates For 2 Year Old: 2023 ReviewWheelkids Unicorn Roller Skates5/5 Check On Amazon
Best Roller Skates For 2 Year Old: 2023 ReviewKids Roller Skates Shoes4.5/5 Check On Amazon
Best Roller Skates For 2 Year Old: 2023 ReviewPlaywheels Trolls Roller Skates with Knee Pads4/5 Check On Amazon
Best Roller Skates For 2 Year Old: 2023 ReviewDIKASHI Roller Skates for Boys4/5 Check On Amazon

A variety of styles and sizes are available in roller skates, but it can be difficult to choose which will suit your needs. In this buyer’s guide, we will recommend only roller skates for children ages two and up, for both girls and boys, so that your size-choice problem is already solved.

Further, we’ve included pairs of roller skates that are both affordable and comfortable for your toddler, so all you have to do is pick the one you or your kids like the most.

Before we dig into the reviews of roller skates for 2 year old, let’s see some benefits of roller skates for toddlers:

  • The first benefit of roller skates for toddlers is that it will be great fun and sport for your toddler to do.
  • Roller skates can be used as a fun toy to play with for toddlers.
  • It will develop their sense of coordination.
  • It is comparatively a safe sport for toddlers.
  • Roller skating provides a social outlet in the long-term. The opportunity to meet new people while still being able to maintain your fitness level.
  • It is an inexpensive way to get exercise and have fun. It’s also a great option for those who don’t like the gym.
  • Additionally, it is a safe sport because it is so easy to learn, and you can ride with someone’s assistance.
  • Moreover, if a toddler learns roller skates at this age, then when they get older, they can venture outside, where they will benefit from many other things, such as competing and even making it a career.

I hope this is enough benefit to get your toddler started roller skating. Let’s now dig into the best toddler skates for 2 year old reviews.

1. Runcinds Toddler Roller Skates for Girls And Boys

roller skates for 2 year old

Runcinds is one of the most popular roller skates producing brands, and here is one of their products, Runcinds toddler roller skates made for toddlers. These skates are suited for both girls and boys age 2 year old, and along with serious rides, they can also be used as a play toy.

By testing it for more than a month on our neighbor’s 2 year old boy, we found it’s the most comfortable, long lasting, lightweight, and low maintenance required skates.

The best part of this board is that it’s adjustable, so after using it for a year when your kids turn 3, you can still use these skates to them by adjusting the skate size according to their feet.

Furthermore, if we look at its specifications, these are 4 shoe size adjustable skates which is suited for kids age 2, 3, and 4. Hence, you don’t have to change the skates with baby growth.

The wheels used in these toddler skates are made of PU polyester with a durometer of 82A, which is soft and provides a smooth ride. Also, they light up and shine in the sun, which gives a colorful and attractive rainbow with rolling. Additionally, the best part is they have no batteries because it’s self generating power wheels with rolling.

The wheels are also fitted with bearings that have an ABEC 7 rating, providing a smooth ride.

Another important material to consider in skates is the soul because it is where your foot will stay closed for hours at a time. Hence considering that the brand has used high quality pp, sandwich mesh, PVC leather, and EPE foam material which makes the shoes breathable and comfortable for the feet.

These skates have triple protection for proper fit, including buckle, straps, and shoelaces. Additionally, it increases the safety of kids by supporting the ankle and decreasing fatigue.

You can give these wonderful roller skates to a toddler in honor of their birthday, Christmas, or any other momentous occasion.

The toddlers are not capable of roller skating on heavy skates because they are not strong enough. Thus, these roller skates are made to be lightweight for toddlers who weigh around 4 pounds, so they can move easily and not feel too heavy.

Conclusion: The Runcinds Toddler Skates are ideal for any toddler. These skates provide the quality, support, and safety needed for toddlers while keeping up with their growth.

  • Ideal for 2 year old
  • Adjustable
  • Breathable Material
  • Light up wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Thick strap with wear resistance shoelace
  • With toe stop brake
  • Perfect for gift
  • Affordable
  • Tested for 3 months and not found

2. Wheelkids Unicorn Roller Skates For Girls And Boys

skates for 2 year old

The Wheelkids Unicorn Roller Skates are a perfect gift for a young girl or boy who wants to learn how to skate. This is also one of the most attractive roller skates on the market.

Additionally, this skate comes in different sizes, so when selecting it for your 2 year old, make sure to select the small size, which is 9.5C-11C. Additionally, it only comes in pink, so it’s perfect for girls, but if you have a toddler boy, make sure he likes pink as well if you choose this.

If we consider its look, its unique design with a unicorn pattern which looks very cute in toddler’s feet. Furthermore, the wheels are illuminated, adding to the fun and excitement of skating. Further, these wheels do not require batteries since the led lights are self-powered.

When it comes to skating material, it’s made of high-quality durable plastic, making it strong and long lasting. Moreover, the straps can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit.

The wheels are 82A durometer polyurethane, making it very smooth and easy to roll. Along with that, ABEC 7 precision bearings are also added, which ensure smooth and easy movement both indoor and outdoor.

As a result of their build quality, these skates can be used indoors and outdoors, including on the floor, basement, rink, pavement, and street. Furthermore, the skate has a toe stop brake, which is useful for stopping the skater from going too fast.

The skate has a three-tightening system to prevent toddlers from falling, including a cuff buckle, thickened strap, and laces. Furthermore, the skates can easily be adjusted to a bigger size by removing the buckle, strap, and laces when your kids grow up.

Conclusion: Wheelkids Unicorn roller skates are one of the perfect size and quality roller skates for 2 year old. Specifically, if you’re looking for skates for girls, then these are perfect as they come in a very attractive pink color.

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Adjustable straps
  • Smooth wheels
  • Attractive pink color
  • Toe stop brake
  • Affordable
  • Lightning wheels without batteries
  • Ideal for toddler girl
  • No color option

3. Kids Children’s Boys Girls Adjustable Speed Quad Roller Skates Shoes

roller skates for toddler

On spot three, we’ve Mpoutik toddlers roller skates which are made of plastic at a very affordable price. If you’re buying skates for the next 1 or two years for your 2 year old boy or girl, this can be the best option.

These skates are 5.9 inches in length but are adjustable, which expands to 7.8 inches making them great for the next two years. They also have a durable plastic sole that can handle a lot of wear and tear. For toddlers, plastic skates are a great option because they can be replaced if something happens to them, and they’re also very affordable.

In these skates, also you get a patented safety lock that prevents the skates from coming off your feet in the event of a fall. Locking the system in skates is very important because it can prevent serious injuries.

Further, the skates are of decent quality with an attractive look that toddlers will love.

The brand has more than 10 years of experience making roller skates. Hence you can be sure that they will provide your child with a safe, stable, and fun experience.

Conclusion: If your kid is just starting roller skating, purchasing this skate is also a good option. It is a completely plastic skate at an affordable cost.

  • Ideal for toddlers
  • Having a safe lock
  • Decent quality
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Affordable
  • No color option

4. Playwheels Trolls Roller Skates with Knee Pads

skates for toddler

If you’re looking for a good quality roller skate for your 2 year old, these Playwheels Trolls Roller Skates are a great option. They come with knee pads that help to protect your child’s knees in the event of a fall, and they are also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Playwheels is one of the best brands in the sports industry for making rollerskates, kick scooters, and skateboards because their products are known for their high quality and durability.

The skates also have a good grip which makes them stable, and they come in different colors so that your child can choose one that suits them.

Also, consider the skates and knee pads both are adjustable so that they will fit your child perfectly.

Furthermore, these skates also have toe stops, which provide your child with more control to slow down or stop when skating.

These skates are also very lightweight, around 1 pound, so they are easy to carry around. You might think they can’t handle more weight, but the weight capacity of this skate is about 45 lbs which is more than enough for most toddlers.

The only thing disappointing about these skates is it has no locking system. So, if your child falls, they might lose their balance and fall, which makes it quite difficult for beginners to learn roller skating.

Conclusion: PlayWheels is one of the best brands that make skates for 2 year olds. This particular model is also made of plastic and has no locking mechanism. However, it is affordable and ideal for beginning kids just getting started in roller skating.

  • Good quality and durable
  • Stable and easy to control
  • Available in different colors
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight with a weight capacity of 45 lbs
  • Comes with Knee pads
  • Cheapest
  • No locking mechanism

5. DIKASHI Roller Skates for Boys

Roller skates for 2 year olds

This is one of the coolest looking roller skates designed for 1 to 4 years old boys. What makes them very attractive is their bright color on shoes and lightning-up wheels. However, you get three color options: black, blue, and red.

These skates are adjustable and fit most feet of toddlers. Also, to make this adjustment easy, it has a button that you can use while wearing the skates and adjust accordingly.

If we consider the quality, the wheels are polyurethane with a durometer of 82a, which means they are soft enough and great for any terrain. Also, the polyurethane wheels last longer than any other wheels material. Additionally, the wheels are added with ABEC 7 bearings to make a more smooth ride.

Also, note that these wheels are lighting up without a battery because they are self power generating wheels.

Furthermore, making the skates safe while riding has triple protection, including laces, buckles, and straps. Also, the skate has toe stops that help prevent the toddler from going too fast and stopping when needed.

If you’re looking to gift skates to your little one, these are a great option, as they look attractive and easy to use.

Conclusion: If you have a good budget and want to invest in quality skates, then you may go for this skate. It has all the features so your kid can enjoy and learn roller skating safely.

  • Best for toddlers
  • Illuminated wheels
  • Adjustable with a button
  • Triple protection
  • Comes with toe stops
  • Quality wheels and bearings
  • Offers three different colors
  • Quite expensive

If you want a little bigger skate for your friends, relatives, or next door neighbor kid, you can also look for the best roller skates for 3 year old.

Buying Guide On Choosing Roller Skates For 2 year Olds

If you’re looking for the perfect roller skates for your two year old, there are many factors to consider. Here is a guide to help you find the right pair of roller skates for your 2 year old.

Size: First, you will want to ensure that the roller skates are suited size-wise for your 2 year old. For 2 year old roller skate that is 7C to 10C is the ideal size.

Durability: Another important factor to consider is the durability of the roller skates. The materials used to make the skates should be of high quality and last many years. Look for skates that are made from leather or PVC, as these materials provide the best level of durability.

Fit: To have a proper fit, you must choose roller skates with adjustable straps or buckles. This will help your child grow into the skates and give them the best comfort level.

Safety: Safety is a priority when it comes to buying roller skates for your two year old. You should always look for skates with the right grip, padding, and support. Make sure to check the wheels for secure fastening and that the brakes work properly.

Style: Of course, you want your two year old to look fashionable when they are skating. Look for fun designs, bright colors, and stylish accessories to ensure they have the coolest skates on the block. Also, lightning wheels and attractive graphics will be sure to make them stand out.

Budget: Finally, set your budget for the skates. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the right pair of skates, but you should be sure that your two year old is getting quality and safety at a reasonable price. Although 2 year old roller skates are not as expensive as professional ones, there is still a wide range of prices and quality.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your two year old has the perfect pair of roller skates with which to enjoy the indoors.

Tips To Teach Your 2 Year Old How To Roller Skate

Being a parent, if you’re confused about how to introduce your 2 year old to roller skating, then this guide is for you. It includes tips that will help you teach your little one how to enjoy this fantastic activity in a safe and fun environment.

Getting the best toddler skates for 2 year old is not enough. You also need to provide them with proper guidance so they can learn how to skate properly. Here are a few tips that will help you do just that:

Choose the right size skates: You must choose the right ones for your child. If the skates are too big, it will be difficult for them to balance and fall. On the other hand, if the skates are too small, they will be uncomfortable for them to wear, and they may not be able to skate properly.

If your kid is 2 year old boy, you should buy him the roller skates for 2 year old boy.

Go to a skate park: A great place to start teaching your child how to roller skate is at a skate park. Here they can skate around freely without worrying about traffic or pedestrians.

Don’t take roller skates openly to the skate park. It may be filled with dirt. Always use a roller skate bag when you take a roller skate out without riding.

Start with baby steps: Don’t expect your child to be skating like a pro from the get-go. Start with baby steps and let them get used to the feeling of skating.

Start with teaching the basics, like how to stand on the skates, how to push off, and how to stop. Once they are comfortable with these basics, you can then move on to more advanced skating techniques.

Wear protective gear: Your child must wear proper protective gear while skating. This includes a helmet and elbow and knee pads.

Be patient: Teaching your child how to roller skate takes time and patience. Don’t get frustrated if they don’t pick it up immediately. Just keep at it, and they’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Following these tips will help you teach your 2 year old how to roller skate in a safe and fun environment.

Do They Make Skates For 2 Year Olds?

Yes, many brands make skates for 2 year olds boys and girls. These skates are usually designed with adjustable sizing, so they will fit your child as they grow.

Also note that only roller skates are suitable for 2 year olds, as roller blades or ice skates require more coordination and balance, so no brands make these types of skates for this age.

They are also designed with safety in mind, often featuring double-strap closures to ensure that the skates stay securely on feet and wheels with a low center of gravity to provide balance and stability.

Plus, many models come with adjustable toe brakes to help your child learn how to safely ride their skate.

When purchasing skates for 2 year olds, it is important to ensure you are buying the right size and type of skate. The right size skate and the type of skate should be snug but not too tight or uncomfortable.

Why Consider Our Suggested Roller Skates For Your 2 Year old

As of now, you’ve gone through some of the best roller skates for 2 year olds. However, if you think why you should consider our suggested roller skates for your 2 year old, then here is why: 

  1. Durability: Our suggested roller skates are made with high quality materials that will last and can handle the wear and tear of a busy toddler. 
  2. Comfort: Your little one’s comfort is important to us, so we have designed our roller skates to be extra comfortable, even while in motion. 
  3. Adjustable: Our roller skates are adjustable so they can grow with your child as their feet expand and they learn more skills in skating.
  4. Safety: We prioritize safety when it comes to our suggested roller skates for toddlers, and we have included protective gear, such as knee and wrist pads, that can be easily adjusted depending on your child’s size.
  5. Style: Our roller skates come in a variety of colors and patterns to match any style
  6. Tested and Approved: Before listing any of these roller skates, we make sure to test each one thoroughly and have them approved by a team of experts.
  7. We’re not Sponsered: We are not sponsored by any companies, and we only suggest roller skates that have been tested and approved. To make some extra money, we get paid a commission when you buy one of these roller skates from Amazon, which doesn’t influence our selection process. 

We hope these reasons will convince you to consider our suggested roller skates for your 2 year old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 2 year old roller skate?

Yes, they can! You should get them the right size roller skates and make sure they wear safety gear, such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. Lastly, teach them the basics of roller skating with your help, such as how to stop and how to fall safely.

What size skates for a 2 year old?

For a 2 year old, you need a roller skate that is 7C to 10C. These size skates fit perfectly with most toddlers.

What is the best age for roller skates?

Roller skating is recommended for children 3 and up, but kids as young as 2 can begin roller skating indoors under adult supervision and with proper safety equipment.

Should kids start on roller blades or skates?

Choosing between roller blades and roller skates is an individual’s choice, but roller skates are a good choice for kids because they are easy to balance and learn.

Are there skates for 2 year olds?

Yes, there are skates available for 2 year olds. The size range recommended is 7C to 10C and make sure you choose roller skates with adjustable straps or buckles to ensure the best fitment. Also, make sure to avoid roller blades as they are not suitable for 2 year olds.

Can an 18 month old roller skate?

Yes, with proper supervision and suitable skate, an 18 month old can roller skate.

When can toddler use skates?

Toddlers can begin using skates when they start walking, typically around 12 months old. However, it’s best to wait until they are two years old, as this is when their gross motor skills and balance start developing.

Can a 1 year old go roller skating?

It’s not recommended for a 1 year old to go roller skating. It is best to wait until they are two years old as till then, the gross motor skills and balance need to be developed more.

Once you own a skate for your toddler you can continue reading our guide on how to roller skate for beginners.


These are the best roller skates for 2 year old on the present market. Every skate has different features like; some are adjustable, some are self-powered wheels, and some have triple protection, including laces, buckle, and strap. Hence now you’ve to decide which one you want for your toddler.

If you ask us to recommend for your 2 year old, we would say go for the Runcinds skates reviewed at first in the article. It is the best and most versatile skate on the market today. The skates are also the perfect size for toddlers and come with all the features they need.

I hope you found this article helpful!

Additional Questions

What are the finest introductory skates a girl can get?

In my experience, the best choice for a girl’s first pair of skates is likely the Trac Star Youth Girl’s Roller Skates. Acting as a bang for the buck purchase, these skates offer a wonderful blend of cost-effectiveness, comfort, and the unique ability to adjust in size. In essence, you’ll initially buy the rollers when your little one falls into the lower end of the size chart. This then gives you the privilege to adjust the skates’ size by up to four sizes just at the simple press of a button, providing stellar longevity and a lot of happy hours rink time.

How can I instruct my 2-year-old to roller skate?

This question gets asked a lot by eager parents. The answer can vary, but the key here is to ensure you are patient and supportive. Gently ease your child onto skates, watch their progress, and provide constructive and encouraging feedback. Start with baby steps and progresses, begin with them holding your hand as they learn balance, stability and get comfortable on the wheels. Soon enough, they will be confidently skating by themselves.

How to go about selecting roller skates for children?

You should start by measuring your child’s foot to ascertain the correct skate size. It’s crucial to get skates that secure well around your child’s feet, tightly enough to provide the much-needed support but still, offer flexible enough for comfort. Investing in adjustable size skates is a wise decision as they offer scalability to your child’s growing feet. Moreover, the type of wheel suitable can vary greatly depending on the terrain you’ll be rolling on, giving you another important factor to consider when selecting skates.

What should I consider when purchasing skates for toddlers?

Looking at skater’s forum discussions, seasoned parents suggest that when shopping for ice hockey skates for toddlers, you should generally aim for a skate size, one size smaller than the child’s regular shoe size. On the flip side, figure skates for kids should be pretty much the same size as their normal shoes. Always remember to seek expert advice and go for the best suitable options.

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